Changing Your Mind

If you recently reset your password or you decided your current password could use an update, it's easy to change your password. Before we begin, make sure you are already logged in to the site.

Managing Your Profile

To get started, click on your profile name in the top nav to show the user menu.

Click or tap on "Manage My Profile". On the profile page, click or tap on the "Password" tab to switch to the change password interface.

Now, enter your current password in the first field. Then enter the password you'd like to have in the two remaining fields. We ask you to repeat the password just so we can be sure you didn't mistype it.

When you're ready, click or tap on "Change My Password". If everything is good to go, you should receive a confirmation that your password has changed.

Congratulations! You've successfully changed your password on your account. Feel free to navigate away from the page using the links and menus in the top nav.